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What is Trade/In Trade/Up® you ask… it’s a transformation of a physical asset, but more importantly, the continuation of a journey in a new form

Many people have precious metal items (jewelry, diamonds, coins) handed down to them that they can’t seem to part with for many valuable reasons, read on to see how we can help…

Gold and Carat Exchange has worked with thousands of people to realize the full potential of their valuables. We offer free consultations to determine not only the value of financial asset, but more importantly, what you can transform that piece of jewelry into to create your own family heirloom, your own story, and a piece that will have its own journey… otherwise, the piece you couldn't part with will sit in your jewelry box and its journey will forever be in that closed drawer.

It's time to bring that jewelry out of the drawer and transform it into a new heirloom piece so you can remember your loved one’s every time you wear it, not just when you happen across it while searching for something else. Our comprehensive jewelry box consultations are a creative and safe way to evaluate what you have, what you wear, and what you want. At the end of that personal meeting, you will know if the item(s) you have can transform into that signature piece of jewelry you have always wanted. That piece will become something you can wear that tells the story of the past, present, and future.

Now you have created a story of your own to tell and share… your piece will now be worn and will have its own journey. See for yourself how our amazing program has brought true joy to those who have embraced the concept…

Here are a few examples…

One pair of grandma's yellow gold earrings and twin daughters who prefer white gold brought the seller into tears about selling their heirloom. We offered a simple but creative solution. Rather than selling, we can remove the two diamonds, set them into white gold pendants with chains, and transform that one pair of earrings into two beautiful pendants each daughter can wear every day. Not only is it a classic piece, but their grandmother will always be with them and the story lives on…. As an added benefit, the old gold earrings were used to help pay for the new pieces. The tears of joy and hugs for Aliss at the Warwick Mall were a testament to the power of the Trade/In Trade/Up®.

Remember those ¼ carat earrings that were great when you were in your 20’s? Well now you're doing better financially, isn’t it time to get make those into ½ carat or larger so you can proudly wear them every day as a statement of your success? Well, we had someone who not only wanted those larger earrings, but after looking around the store, found a new chain with more weight than the one he was currently wearing… When the dust settled, that gentlemen sold the gold he brought in, took off a ring and another chain he was wearing at that meeting, and was able to buy the new heavier chain, bigger earrings, and kept the smaller earrings as a gift for his girlfriend… He realized the value of his asset, traded up, and has a great story to tell about how he purchased his new items with Debbie in the Dartmouth Mall.

A widow was going to sell her late husband’s band when we suggested an alternative. How about taking the ring and turning it into a cross pendant? Intrigued at the idea, she decided that was a better option than the scrap value of the ring, and now wears her late husband’s ring as a custom made, one of a kind gold cross filled with memories and meaning in more ways than one.

Our creative program lets you pay for new with old, transform old to new, or whatever you can imagine. We can help make it a reality. If you don't need more jewelry, your heirlooms can turn into other memories, like a family vacation or a non-jewelry item you need. We pay the highest prices so you can do whatever makes you happy… We are a fine jewelry store who not only offers extraordinary prices but also creativity and compassion and a passion for our customers. You too will see that when you set up an appointment to go through your jewelry box, we can help you write your story.

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